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Intervento Prof. Carl C. Kao . M.D

Carl C. Kao . M.D
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Program for Angelo Colombo

Thursday , July 18, 1991 : Surgery

(1) Removal of Roy-Camille plates and screws including a broken screw
(2) Laminectomy T8 , T9 
and T10
(3) Transpedicle anterior vertebrectomy T9 and T10
(4) Microsurgical release of arachnoid adhesions
(5) Evacuation of a spinal cord cavity 3.3 cm long at T9 spinal 

(6) Implantation of 15 segments of sural nerves into the spinal cord cavity together with dissociated schwann cells
(7) Closure of pia using 6-0 monofilaments
(8) Dural graft using fascia lata

Saturday July 20 1991
Remove draining tubes from the back

Tuesday,  July 23, 1991
Remove I . V. tube

Stop I . V. medicine

Mr. Mazza will come to meausure the boots while you are in the Clinic

Thursday, July 25, 1991
May be up in wheelchair
May be descharged home if condition permits Remove foley catheter after arriving

Monday , July 29, 1991:
Remove end of stitches 

Tursday, August 29, 1991
Begin physical therapy
(1) Standing one hour in the morning one hour in the evening.
(2) Iliopsoas 1 hour each leg each day againts 15 kg of weight.


Rimasi per diversi giorni a letto, dopo di che ricominciai la riabilitazione, purtroppo però, il "miracolo" non c'era stato.

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